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Cloud + data with no limits.

A new company with over 45 patents and 15+ years of data expertise. We specialize in rapidly integrating high value datasets to leading cloud platforms for game changing AI activation and analytics insights.

Fast, secure data integration on your terms.

We make it easy to move mission-critical data to the cloud of your choice for game changing AI activation and analytics insights.

Fully featured, self service, and automated. Start moving data in minutes, at any scale, to any cloud.

Move to any cloud with zero disruption
Cirata Data Migrator enables your successful move to the cloud of your choice with no risk to business continuity.
Integrate data quickly, safely, and accurately
Move petabyte-scale high value unstructured data to any cloud with zero application downtime and no risk of data loss, even while source data change is underway.
Make hybrid and multi-cloud a reality
Easily implement a hybrid or multi-cloud architecture without the hassle and cost overruns of manually moving data where it’s needed most.
Start moving data to these cloud platforms now

Hear from our CEO, Stephen Kelly, on the excitement and innovation behind Cirata.

Deliver greater business value from your data by modernizing your data architecture.

Powerful cloud-connected data use cases

Data modernization
Rapidly make the shift away from legacy data technologies and underutilized datasets to more advanced and capable data platforms in the cloud, including AI, ML, and advanced analytics.
Disaster recovery
Ensure critical data assets are readily available by seamlessly maintaining a replica of data lake environments and actively-used data in secondary locations (either cloud or on-premises).
Hybrid and multi-cloud
Easily implement flexible data architectures that maintain data in hybrid environments including on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and intercloud deployments.
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“It (Data Migrator) handles everything in the background and doesn't require expertise from the customer.”
— Merv Adrian, Vice President of Data and Analytics, Gartner Research
scatterplot of cloud computing companies with a y-axis labeled ability to execute and an x-axis labeled completelness of vision. industry leaders who score high in both include microsoft and sofware AG

Complimentary research report

Modernize Your file storage and data services for the hybrid cloud future

According to Gartner®, “New hybrid cloud storage capabilities are now considered “must have” to address the growing challenges of exponential data growth, digitalization and globalization of data, cyber resilience, cloud integration and migration.”

The report recognized Cirata as a representative provider of hybrid cloud file technologies. To read more click below for complimentary access to the report.

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