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In-person event
Modernizing Legacy Platforms (Hadoop) To Accelerate Ai-Powered Growth And Next Level Data Strategies

Join industry experts for a roundtable discussion about how transforming your legacy Hadoop systems for enhanced performance and scalability can unlock new opportunities for the future of your data.


Missed an event? Don't worry, watch a recording of any of our webinars below.

Maximizing Engineering Efficiency With Cirata Subversion Multisite Plus

Join us for a webinar where we’ll explore the features and benefits of SubversionMultiSite Plus to supercharge your global development teams.

Accelerate Hadoop Migration To Databricks

Migrate your Hadoop data lakes in real-time to Databricks to leverage advanced AI, analytics, and machine learning.

A Technical Deep Dive Into The Power Of Cirata’s Gerrit Multisite®️

Join us for a webinar where we’ll explore the features and benefits of Gerrit MultiSite to supercharge your global development teams.

Navigating Gerrit: Solutions For Seamless Software Development

Join your peers to discover best practices for global devops teams

Subversion In Today’s World Of Devops

Discover the intricacies of Subversion MultiSite Plus and how to ensure data integrity, and increase productivity with real-time replication.

Seamless Hadoop Data Migration To Any Cloud

Cloud migration from on-premises Hadoop data can elevate your data and prepare you for an AI-powered future.

Get Ahead Of Oracle Bda Eol

Join us for an upcoming event on Cirata Data Migrator and Oracle BDA to OCI, hosted by Senior Solutions Architect Pablo Bárcenas from Cirata, exclusively for Data & IT Leaders.

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