WANdisco is now Cirata

Unleash your data powerhouse to fuel AI and analytics

Put all of your business data to work all the time, at any scale with Cirata, and easily operate in hybrid or multicloud environments.

Imagine if all your up-to-date transactional data was available where and when you needed it, so your data scientists could run cloud-based analytics on any cloud platform to deliver game-changing insights and business value. Cirata makes this possible with our DConE®️ technology.

For data leaders

Cirata helps data leaders continuously move petabyte-scale data to the cloud of their choice, fast and with no business disruption. Whether it’s on-premises or locked in edge computing systems, data teams can then quickly activate massive datasets using machine learning and AI to transform their businesses.
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For DevOps professionals

Cirata’s Application Lifecycle Management products enable developers to increase productivity by working together across locations, while using their trusted tools without requirements for additional training. ALM products lower cost by reducing development time, administrative overhead and network bandwidth usage.

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access control plus    gerrit multisite    git multisite    subversion multisite plus

For partners

Cirata’s partners help accelerate our customers' digital transformation and data activation initiatives. Our partners quickly move to market with Cirata because of its Hadoop experience and understanding Hadoop needs across industries. Cirata makes it easy for partners to access its industry-leading technology, training programs, marketing, support, and technical expertise.
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