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The Importance Of Hadoop Data Lake Migration And Its Relevance.

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Understanding The Oracle Bda End Of Life And What It Means For Your Organization.

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Ceo Matters – 5 Tips For The First-Time Ceo

I Have Been Lucky To Lead Four Global Tech Companies As Ceo From Both The Usa And Uk. Thinking Back To My First Ceo Gig, I Can Now Recognize Mistakes I Made Early On, And Things I Would Have Done To A...

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Manual Migration Is A High-Risk Approach To Migrating Data.

Manual Migration Is A Custom, Tactical Approach To Copying Data. When Administrators Manually Migrate Data, They Create, Manage, Schedule And Maintain Custom Open-Source Scripts To Migrate The Large D...

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Managing Massive Data Sets: The Power Of Unstructured Data

In Our Increasingly Digital Global Business Ecosystem, Unstructured Data Is On The Rise. Today, Unstructured Data Makes Up More Than 80% Of Business Data.

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A Ceo's View On Ai In 2024

Last Year, We Saw An Absolute Explosion Of Innovation When Open Ai Released Chat Gpt. And It Was The First Open Source Generative Ai Model Accessible To All Companies Of People, And People Realize Pre...

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Keep Your Source Code Safe! Your Guide To Ransomware Mitigation For Subversion, Git, And Gerrit.

In An Era Where Digital Threats Are More Potent Than Ever, It's Imperative For Businesses To Be Proactive In Protecting Their Intellectual Property (Ip) From Ransomware Attacks.

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Harnessing A Hybrid Approach To Data

Hybrid Is Fast Becoming The Buzzword Of The Decade. The Adoption Of Hybrid Working Over The Last Few Years Has Changed The Way We Operate.

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The Impact Of Technology And Data On Our Daily Lives

In Our Data-Flooded World, Let’s Take Time To Reflect On The Impact That Data And Technology Have Undertaken In Our Lives.

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The Capabilities Of Cirata's Distributed Coordination Engine (Dcone®)

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