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Navigating Gerrit: Solutions for seamless software development

In our recent webinar, Justin Holtzinger and Simon Stacy pulled back the curtain on our high-performance, Gerrit MultiSite® software designed for Gerrit 3.7. The discussion spanned various dimensions of Gerrit, shedding light on its advantages, hurdles encountered by developers, practical examples, and a glimpse into the Gerrit MultiSite solution. You can view the webinar recording in its entirety here, and this blog post will dive into some of the headline topics that were discussed during the webinar.

What is Gerrit?

Gerrit Code Review, a universally adopted source code management system, utilizes Git for version control. It presents a flexible access control framework, adjustable code review instruments, and a preparatory area for commits before they merge into the main branch. Initially custom-built by Google for the Android Open-Source Project, Gerrit is now a vital tool for developers globally.

The challenges with Gerrit.

Devoted to the everyday developer, there are many challenges developers face when employing Gerrit as users invariably come across obstructions such as bandwidth restrictions, single point failures, downtime expenses, and maintenance complications. These roadblocks can inevitably hamper productivity, put project timelines at risk, and affect regulatory compliance.

Gerrit MultiSite: A solution that blurs borders.

In the recent webinar, Cirata brought forth two real-world examples: a premier electronics manufacturing firm and a dominant player in the auto manufacturing sector. Both corporations battled scalability and efficiency woes with their single-instance Gerrit setups. With the adoption of Cirata's Gerrit MultiSite solution, they experienced notable efficiency enhancements, lower downtime, and increased productivity.

A closer look into Cirata’s Gerrit MultiSite solution.

Sporting features such as Cirata’s patented DConE® (Distributed Coordination Engine), multi-primary deployment, selective replication, and granular control over repository replicas, Cirata's Gerrit MultiSite solution ensures high availability, disaster recovery, and failover scenarios. This robust solution not only provides seamless synchronization across multiple sites but also boosts performance and reliability. It is a reliable solution for organizations aiming to upscale their Gerrit infrastructure, ensuring that their development processes are always running smoothly and efficiently, regardless of geographical or operational challenges. Additionally, the enhanced control over repository replicas allows for tailored data management strategies, further optimizing the workflow.


Cirata's revolutionary Gerrit MultiSite solution offers a reliable, efficient platform for organizations to control their Gerrit instances across various sites. By addressing the common challenges faced by Gerrit users, it promises scalability, peak performance, and high availability, ensuring enhanced productivity and an increased return on investment. If you want to take advantage of the webinar and watch the recording, please click here to view the recording.

Coming Soon: A technical deep dive exploration into Gerrit MultiSite.

Mark your calendars for June 20th, 2024. A meticulous exploration into Gerrit MultiSite will be unveiled in the upcoming webinar. The deep dive will touch upon critical facets like the Paxos algorithm, Gerrit architectures, high availability, and disaster recovery, providing an amplified understanding of Cirata's Gerrit MultiSite solution. Secure your spot and register for the webinar here.

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