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Keep your source code safe! Your guide to ransomware mitigation for Subversion, Git, and Gerrit.

Doug Robinson, Senior Product Manager ALM, Cirata

In an era where digital threats are more potent than ever, it's imperative for businesses to be proactive in protecting their intellectual property (IP) from ransomware attacks. Today, we're going to dive into a comprehensive solution that includes not just offline backups but also real-time replication of your intellectual property. Let's dive in.

The backbone of ransomware mitigation

The cornerstone of a robust ransomware mitigation strategy is a periodic offline backup. These backups are immune to destruction by any online machine, offering a safe haven for your data. However, given their point-in-time nature, these backups may not always reflect the most recent changes to your ip. This is where the power of immediate replication comes into play.

Immediate replication with Cirata ALM products

Cirata's advanced ALM products - Gerrit MultiSite, Git MultiSite, and Subversion MultIsite Plus - have been designed to offer immediate replication of your ip across as many servers as you configure. This means that for attackers to truly compromise your active IP, they would need to breach all of the configured servers - a formidable task that offers your it department valuable time to detect and thwart further damage from the ransomware attack.

How Cirata ALM products stand out

Unlike traditional products that simply copy data from one site to another, Cirata's ALM offerings leverage both proprietary and repository-specific protocols to update each repository replica. This innovative approach ensures that data encrypted by ransomware is not propagated. Thus, even if one or more servers are compromised, the remaining servers will remain unaffected. Only a direct compromise of the server itself can lead to data loss. This makes Cirata's ALM products a resilient line of defense against ransomware attacks.


In conclusion, the combination of offline backups and the immediate replication offered by Cirata's ALM products provides a comprehensive solution for ransomware mitigation. With these tools in place, your business can confidently navigate the digital landscape, secure in the knowledge that your intellectual property is safeguarded against ransomware attacks. Stay safe, stay protected, and schedule a demo to learn more about our ALM products.

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