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Four ways you can benefit from Cirata Data Migrator.

Paul Scott-Murphy, Chief Technology Officer, Cirata

I'd like to highlight the benefits of Cirata’s data integration solution, Data Migrator.

Data Migrator is an automated, scalable, high performance, and cloud agnostic data integration solution, that makes your data available in, and immediately usable across on premises and cloud environments.

The first benefit Data Migrator provides is flexibility.

  • By supporting all leading cloud platforms, as well as the last mile of metadata transformation needed to make your data usable and take advantage of common modern analytics formats. It can give you the ability to use the target cloud, and analytics technologies of your choice.

The second benefit is business continuity.

  • By transferring your data even as it's actively changing, without requiring production system downtime, or disruption to application or business activities, you can achieve your data outcomes more rapidly.

The third benefit is scalability.

  • Data Migrator can accommodate data transfer at any scale. You can begin with small transfers and scale up to multi-petabyte needs using the same product.

The fourth benefit is cost and risk avoidance.

  • Automating your transfers and eliminating the need for custom development or application change, it minimizes your IT costs and overhead, and reduces the overall risk of your modernization projects.

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