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3 Reasons the automotive industry is excited about data integration.

Stephen Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, Cirata

The automotive industry is getting really excited about the opportunity for data integration and there are three main reasons.

  1. Is that they're under a massive pressure from competition, particularly from the far east and China.
  2. They have hugely disparate, fragmented data systems, particularly legacy, and they're really grappling with trying to build a single view of the customer and bring all their data sets together.
  3. Is around the mission that they've set for themselves around revenue growth and creating the experience for a customer relationship for life.

One of the chief executives of the big automotive companies made a statement to say they want to build a twenty-five-billion-dollar data business by 2030. Cirata is here to help the biggest automotive companies in the world to be successful in this mission to create a customer experience for life, increase their revenues, and provide a very personalized experience to each of their drivers.

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