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Insights on Gartner® IT Symposium

Stephen Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, Cirata

I was excited to see the headlines coming from the Gartner IT symposium. A couple of things I would like to speak to.

First, the total IT expenditure around the world next year they predict will be over five trillion dollars for the first time, which is astounding.

Secondly, they're absolutely tracking the trends around artificial intelligence, and encouraging companies to be bold and brave to take advantage of the technology disruption, and address some of these social economic uncertainties.

Now the reality is global organizations and companies really want to leverage these trends, and underpinning the artificial intelligence technology is massive datasets. 

Cirata enables companies to move data from anywhere to any cloud with no downtime and no disruption. This allows data scientists to build algorithms that provide unique customer insights and ultimately drive revenue and growth for our customers.

I thought it was interesting to see Gartner validate some of the current trends and be bold and brave, and I am really looking forward to working with our customers to take advantage of these trends around artificial intelligence.

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