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Technology details behind the AI trend. Insights from the Gartner® IT Symposium.

Paul Scott-Murphy, Chief Technology Officer, Cirata

Recently Gartner held their annual IT Symposium. I wanted to drill into what I think are some of the interesting technology details behind the AI trend.

Firstly, the incredibly broad applicability of generative AI is still misunderstood. Large language models can demonstrate emergent capabilities, meaning that we will need to discover just how broadly they can be applied over time. Not all of their applications are understood, and simply won't be until there is a greater exploration of how, as Gartner said, GenAI applications can make the latest sources of information, internal and external, accessible and available to business users.

The resulting democratization of knowledge in skills will have a far-reaching impact, but the full capabilities and value of generative AI can't come without access to those vast sources of information.

Secondly, how do we make data ready for AI? As Gartner said, if your data isn't ready for AI, then you're not ready for AI. The importance of technologies for data availability, transfer, governance, and transformation is fundamental.

But more importantly, this affects every organization. Because the unique value of generative AI models comes when you use them with your data. AI assisted query and generation from proprietary data on top foundational models is going to change how we think and use the entirety of information technology.

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