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Data Migrator for Hadoop

Migrate your Hadoop data lakes with zero oops.

Business success now depends on how effectively organizations utilize their data. To do so, companies are modernizing their data architecture, and moving their Hadoop deployments to the cloud and those migrations need to be simple and efficient. When it comes to migrating Hadoop data to the cloud, we are the experts and let us guide you along this journey.

Simplify your migration from Hadoop to the cloud

Facing the complexities of data integration head-on, organizations often watch their timelines inflate and their budgets strain under the weight of in-house solutions. Redirect your teams skills where your business needs them most and let Cirata handle migrating your Hadoop data to the cloud. Cirata Data Migrator for Hadoop is an advanced cloud migration solution that automates the seamless transfer of HDFS data and Hive metadata to the cloud, even in the midst of active changes. This fully self-service tool ensures zero impact on applications or business operations. Migrations of any scale can commence immediately, allowing for uninterrupted production systems and mitigating the risk of data loss.

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Migrating your Hadoop data comes with a multitude of benefits.

Business continuity
  • No need for downtime of on-premises production clusters
  • Immediate availability of migrated data
  • High scalability and performance for migration at any scale, from terabytes to exabytes, and without any risk of data loss.
Synchronization & replication
  • Data migration with single pass of source storage.
  • Ongoing migration of any subsequent data changes. Data migration can occur while the source data is under active change, without requiring any production system downtime or business disruption.
  • Ensures zero data loss of source data and changes.
Cost avoidance
  • Minimizes the need for IT resource involvement.
  • Automated migration without custom code maintenance
  • Faster time-to-value and adoption of AI & ML

Cirata Data Migrator for Hadoop automates the movement of data to the cloud

The following capabilities enable zero business disruption, reduced risk, and best time-to-value.
Quick deployment and operation

Data Migrator is installed on an edge node of your Hadoop cluster. Deployment can be performed in minutes without impacting current operations, so users can begin moving data immediately.

Synchronization & replication

Existing datasets can be moved with a single pass through the source storage system, eliminating the CPU cycles and overhead associated with multiple scans, while also supporting continuous migration of any ongoing changes from source to target with zero disruption to current production systems.

Support for multiple sources and targets

Data Migrator supports HDFS distributions v2.6 and higher as source systems, as well as leading cloud service providers and select independent software vendors, such as Databricks and Snowflake, as target systems. See Data Migrator documentation for further details.

Transfer Hadoop data and Hive metadata

Data Migrator supports migration of HDFS data and Hive metadata to any public cloud and on-premises environments.

Data transfer at any scale

Datasets of any size — from terabytes to multiple petabytes — can be moved without affecting production environments. Horizontal scaling capabilities allow users to scale their migration capacity by configuring transfer agents to maximize the productivity of available bandwidth.

Easy management

Cirata browser-based user interface (UI) lets users manage the entire data and metadata migration from a single management console.

Programmatic interface

Migrations can also be managed through a comprehensive and intuitive command-line interface or by using the self-documenting representational state transfer API to integrate the solution with other programs as needed.

Flexible configurations and precise control

Organizations can configure migration jobs to meet their specific needs, such as defining sources, targets, and which data to migrate. There are also advanced capabilities, such as migration prioritization, path mapping, and network bandwidth-management controls.

Transfer verification

Data Migrator contains a data transfer verification function that scans both source and target environments to ensure data fidelity and validate the success of all data transfers. Results and reports are delivered through the UI or by email.

Powerful metrics and real-time monitoring

Users are updated on migration jobs, from health and status metrics providing estimates for migration completion to email notifications and real-time insights regarding usage enabling hands-off operations.

“In the use case of a Hadoop to Amazon S3 data migration and replication, we found Data Migrator to be the optimal approach to deliver the best time to value, rather than running a more time-consuming and costly manual migration project internally.”
— Wayne Peacock, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, GODADDY
Cirata's solutions are trusted by hundreds of global brands and industry leaders such as
The stakes are high with a Hadoop migration strategy and the impact it can have on your bottom line, and we stand ready to be your partner and help guide you through effortlessly. See firsthand the simplicity and power our solutions bring to the table by scheduling a demo.

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