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Data management

Simplify your cloud integration, minimize disruption, and maximize flexibility to drive game changing AI and analytics.

Data management with Cirata provides the missing link in your complex cloud ecosystem. As you seek to transition your data to the cloud, which can be a monumental and risky task, we offer a unique solution that is both powerful, simple, and with zero-risk. Cirata solutions are trusted by global leaders and have experienced firsthand how our services are revolutionizing data.

Data management: more than a merge

In today's IT landscape, the combination of powerful computing techniques such as AI and analytics applied to massive data sets will provide innovative data modernization and monetization opportunities over the coming decades. Data is only powerful when it’s meaningful and accessible. Our data integration solutions go beyond the mere merge as cloud connected data coupled with these techniques is what separates leaders from laggards. This transforms your siloed data into a unified asset that is ready to accelerate your insights and decision-making to new heights for a competitive edge.

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The Cirata promise: Unmatched flexibility, immediacy, scaleability, and security with no business disruption or downtime

Your data, unified
Our integration solution effortlessly merges silos of data, giving you a unified view of all your data sources. What's more, the transition of your on-premises Hadoop data to the cloud is seamless, with no impact on your engineering resources.
Zero downtime, total transformation
The importance of keeping your business running smoothly is never more evident than today, which is why our seamless data integration process ensures no interruptions, zero-risk, and absolutely zero downtime to business continuity.
Avoid cloud lock-in
We offer easy, secure, and agile data movement to your choice of cloud platform. No more vendor lock-in and integrate with all major cloud storage services and analytic technologies. Our scalable architecture means no matter how your data needs expand, our solution adapts effortlessly.
Security and speed
We prioritize safeguarding your invaluable data to ensure it adheres to regulatory and other requirements. Plus, your data integration can begin immediately to save you time, reduces costs and conserve resources.

Products that drive our data integration solutions

Data Migrator
Data Migrator is a fully automated solution that moves on-premise HDFS data, Hive metadata, local filesystem, or cloud data sources to any cloud or on-premises environment, even while those datasets are under active change. Moving data of any scale can begin immediately and be performed without production system downtime or business disruption, and with zero risk of data loss.
Data Migrator for Hadoop
More organizations are needing to quickly, and efficiently modernize their data architecture while moving their Hadoop deployments to the cloud. When it comes to migrating your on-premises Hadoop data, we are the experts providing zero risk, no downtime or business disruption, and offering the ability to reduce migration timelines by 50% over other methods.
“In the use case of a Hadoop to Amazon S3 data migration and replication, we found Data Migrator to be the optimal approach to deliver the best time to value, rather than running a more time-consuming and costly manual migration project internally.”
— Wayne Peacock, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, GODADDY
Cirata's solutions are trusted by hundreds of global brands and industry leaders such as

Powerful cloud-connected data use cases

Hadoop data migration
Rapidly make the shift away from legacy data technologies and underutilized datasets to more advanced and capable data platforms in the cloud, including AI, ML, and advanced analytics.
Disaster recovery
Ensure critical data assets are readily available by seamlessly maintaining a replica of data lake environments and actively-used data in secondary locations (either cloud or on-premises).
Hybrid cloud
Easily implement flexible data architectures that maintain data in hybrid environments including on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and intercloud deployments.
DevOps MultiSite
Our solutions are powered by a powerful Paxos algorithm and patented technology that enables us to provide industry-leading multi-primary replication.
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