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Data modernization

Unlock the full value of your data

Modernizing your data infrastructure is an essential part of the modern enterprise’s competitive advantage. With access to their data in a modern platform, organizations can reap the benefits of advanced analytics and game changing AI insights.

Unlock the full value from all of your data

Data Modernization is a critical pillar of success for businesses worldwide, and focusing on modernizing your data is about transforming outdated systems into agile, efficient, and future-ready data infrastructures. It enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their data, leading to improved decision-making, increased operational efficiency, and a significant competitive advantage
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The significance of a data modernization strategy

Steamline and empower
Imagine seamlessly moving your data to the cloud without the fuss. We understand the headaches that come with traditional storage systems – the maintenance, the clunky access, and the sheer volume of data that can be overwhelming. We streamline your data journey, ensuring a smooth transition that leaves you free to focus on what truly matters – the business outcomes your data holds.
Freedom of choice
Our value lies in freedom of choice, partnered with guidance that brings nothing but clarity. You'll have the power to select a cloud platform that resonates with your unique business DNA, without any fears of your data being trapped in a vendor-specific ecosystem with no easy way out.
Enhanced access to drive innovation
Embrace instantaneous access to your data – a pivotal doorway to innovation. Speed up your decision-making process and equip your team with the information they need, exactly when they need it. Whether it's real-time analytics, enhanced customer engagement, or pioneering new products, we can help set the stage for your company's next evolution.

Products that drive our data integration solutions

Data Integration
Data integration with Cirata provides the missing link in your complex cloud ecosystem. As you seek to transition your data to the cloud, which can be a monumental and risky task, we offer a unique solution that is both powerful, simple, and with zero-risk. Cirata solutions are trusted by global leaders, and have experienced firsthand how our services are revolutionizing data.
Having distributed DevOps can bring extra challenges. Cirata seamlessly integrates with your existing source code management solution to improve how your development teams collaborate globally. Our solutions improve developer performance while helping you achieve faster time to market, and eliminate the risk of outage disruptions and downtime with fully replicated repositories.
“In the use case of a Hadoop to Amazon S3 data migration and replication, we found Data Migrator to be the optimal approach to deliver the best time to value, rather than running a more time-consuming and costly manual migration project internally.”
— Wayne Peacock, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, GODADDY
Cirata's solutions are trusted by hundreds of global brands and industry leaders such as
Your legacy data systems may be holding you back, but change is within reach. Book a personalized demo and let us steer you through the transformative journey that data modernization offers.

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