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DevOps MultiSite

DConE®, our secret sauce that enables our unique and powerful MultiSite technology.

At its core, our DevOps MultiSite solutions are based on our patented DConE technology, and is designed to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of critical data-based services. It provides a reliable and efficient infrastructure that minimizes service outages, optimizes your developer experience, and tackles the complexities of geographically dispersed clients.

Distributed Coordination Engine (DConE)

DConE enables active-active replication without single points of failure or scalability bottlenecks. DConE operates transparently from two perspectives: it does not alter the behavior of the underlying application (e.g. Subversion), and it preserves the illusion of a single server system performing at LAN-speed despite running on multiple servers being geographically dispersed. This capability is achieved through three key elements:

  • • A highly efficient, fault-tolerant, and fully decentralized active-active replication algorithm.
  • • A configurable quorum-based approach, requiring agreement among a subset of servers (nodes) rather than all nodes, for transaction ordering.
  • • A design maximizing the efficient use of server and network resources to deliver LAN-speed performance over a WAN while ensuring one-copy equivalence of data across the distributed system.
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The significance and solutions of a MultiSite strategy for Subversion, Gerrit, and Git

Increase global developer productivity
Facilitating seamless collaboration among all globally distributed development teams. Server latency and long code checkout processes can cost your company money. Worldwide distributed dev teams can now work on code in real time.
No downtime and disruption
Harnessing our Active-Active replication capabilities creates a top-tier data Source Code Management solution. This not only drives organizational efficiencies but also mitigates the risk of single points of failure, ultimately enhancing developers' experience and satisfaction.
Simplified management and enhanced security
Our MultiSite solutions tighten security and precision in managing code repositories while simplifying administration at the same time for enhanced developer collaboration.

We’re the experts when it comes to Subversion, Gerrit, and Git. Our products aren't just add-ons to our expertise, they drive our entire DevOps solution forward.

Subversion MultiSite Plus
The Subversion MultiSite Plus product is a hidden part of your Subversion deployment that enables world-wide distributed teams to work as one with no waiting around for “remote” data.
Gerrit MultiSite
Gerrit MultiSite enables full “Active-Active” replication of your Gerrit server using a full PAXOS implementation and packaged in a simple to deploy and maintain format.
Git MultiSite
Your developers may never notice that it is there helping them out. Git repositories are replicated using Active-Active replication meaning that there is no need for a Proxy Server setup and/or delayed replication (with the single point of failure that represents).
Access Control Plus
Access Control Plus takes a team-based approach to enabling project administrators to easily manage the complexity of complete and proper authentication (AuthN) and authorization (AuthZ) configuration file generation.
“We really needed some way to ensure that all of our sites were up and running all of the time. We needed to be 24-by-7 globally with the same LANspeed performance and access at all three locations. Cirata’s active/active WAN clustering for Subversion was the only solution we found.”
— Angela Thomas, Development Tools Manager, Juniper Networks
Cirata's solutions are trusted by hundreds of global brands and industry leaders such as

Powerful data driven solutions for DevOps and Data management

Having distributed DevOps can bring extra challenges. Cirata seamlessly integrates with your existing source code management solution to improve how your development teams collaborate globally.Our solutions improve developer performance while helping you achieve faster time to market and eliminate the risk of outage disruptions and downtime with fully replicated repositories.
Data management
Data management with Cirata provides the missing link in your complex cloud ecosystem. As you seek to transition your data to the cloud, which can be a monumental and risky task, we offer a unique solution that is both powerful, simple, and with zero-risk. Cirata solutions are trusted by global leaders, and have experienced firsthand how our services are revolutionizing data.
Ready to elevate your DevOps processes? Leverage the power of Cirata's MultiSite solutions and our patented DConE technology. Contact us to learn more or schedule a custom demo.

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