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Data Modernization: A Data Leader’s Answer To Driving Valuable Business Outcomes

The amount of data being created is accelerating. Companies need modern data strategies in the cloud, where they can unlock their data to do...

3 Reasons The Automotive Industry Is Excited About Data Integration.

The automotive industry is getting really excited about the opportunity for data integration and there are three main reasons. Is that they're under a massive pressure from competition, particularly...

Insights On Gartner® It Symposium

I was excited to see the headlines coming from the Gartner IT symposium. A couple of things I would like to speak to. First, the total IT expenditure around the world next year they predict will be ov...

Technology Details Behind The Ai Trend. Insights From The Gartner® It Symposium.

Recently Gartner held their annual IT Symposium. I wanted to drill into what I think are some of the interesting technology details behind the AI trend. Firstly, the incredibly broad applicability of...

How Data Modernization Maximizes Business Value?

If you're tasked with delivering greater business value from your data, you can achieve this more easily efficiently and with better outcomes by modernizing your data architecture. Data analytics, mac...

Four Ways You Can Benefit From Cirata Data Migrator.

I'd like to highlight the benefits of Cirata’s data integration solution, Data Migrator. Data Migrator is an automated, scalable, high performance, and cloud agnostic data integration solution, that m...

How To Build A Modern Data Architecture

A modern data architecture, a data-first approach, and a strategy to move to the cloud fast are keys to a successful cloud migration.

Three Considerations For Hadoop-To-Cloud Migration

As enterprises shift from Hadoop to cloud-based platforms, they are focusing not just on the end results of migration, but on the process it...

Distcp For Hadoop-To-Cloud Migrations: Beware Of The Risks

DistCp introduces massive business risk into Hadoop-to-Cloud data migrations. Learn the pros and cons of DistCp to streamline your cloud mig...

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